The wait staff is a crucial frontline worker on the Alpha Team, and can help set the tone for an atmosphere of excellence.

Reports to: Wait Staff Coordinator and Alpha Director


Solid growing Christian; consistent devotional life; giftings in the area of helps and mercy; servant’s heart; flexible; personable; able to follow instructions.


  • Serve various meal courses to guests at tables

  • Serve coffee, tea, water, etc. as needed

  • Assist in removal of dishes, cutlery, food items back to kitchen

  • Clean-up of tables, serving area, Chapel, kitchen

  • Be willing to help in any way needed as requested by the Area Coordinator, Task Force Coordinator or Alpha Director

  • Commit to attending:

    • Task Force Training Meeting

    • 8-9 weeks of sessions

    • Alpha Celebration Dinner (9th or 10th week)

    • Any follow-up meetings

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