Table Hosts and Helpers are the connection point. They are facilitators. They are simply not a part of the group but help make the discussion happen. Their relationship with their group is one of host/guest, not teacher/pupil. Commitment is needed (Col. 3:23-24). Unless the Hosts and Helpers are consistent in showing up, there’s no point of the guests wanting to consistently show up either. The commitment is not just for the weeks of the course but for the Alpha Get Away and the training sessions. The Hosts and Helpers need to be committed to praying for the people in their group regularly.

Table Hosts help facilitate discussion at their table and create a welcoming atmosphere where guests feel free to ask honest questions about Christianity.

Table Hosts are assisted by the Table Helper

Reports to: Alpha Director


Solid growing Christian; consistent devotional life; good with people; nonjudgmental; servant’s heart; heart for evangelism; sensitive; understands the work of the Holy Spirit. Able to keep confidentiality. Attends Parkwood regularly, including the Sunday morning service.


  • Commit to attending:

    • Training sessions

    • 8-9 weeks of sessions

    • Alpha Get Away (Fri evening-Sat afternoon)

    • Alpha Celebration Dinner (9th or 10th week)

    • All prayer/admin meetings (5:30 pm each week)

    • Any follow-up meetings

  • Before each week, read the Leader’s Guide for the corresponding week (in order to become familiar with course content and possible objections to the Christian faith):

    • Questions of Life

    • Searching Issues

    • PGC Alpha Worker’s Manual

  • Prepare to lead your group each week by reviewing the material, praying for the guests in the small group, etc.

    • Be familiar with The Alpha Course Leader’s Guide and discussion questions.

    • Be sensitive to not do all the talking, but rather to help facilitate discussion.

    • Be sensitive to the needs of the people at your table.

    • Be aware that God will use you as a shepherd and pastor, to impact lives and make an eternal difference!

Pointers for Table Hosts

  1. Guide and steer the group to the truth rather than doing all the talking, judging, or preaching at them.

  2. Guests need to be free to ask questions, give opinions, and express what they think and how they feel. They need to sense an open environment for open discussion, a freedom to learn and explore.

  3. After the video, the Host’s question is, “so, what did you think?” or “how did you feel after taking that all in?”

  4. Be a good listener.

  5. Everyone needs to be flexible and willing to do what’s required of him or her.

  6. Hosts need to get to know each person in the group. Learn their names on the first night.

  7. Be encouragers. Show an interest in them.

  8. Avoid religious conversation during dinner; keep conversations on personal, everyday things. It’s a time to get to know the guests as individuals.

  9. Pray for the each guest regularly.

  10. You are the connecting point. If they want to come to church on a Sunday, offer to meet them at the front entrance.

  11. For the Table Host: make sure your Helper clearly understands how you want them to assist (i.e. tracking attendance, gathering resource materials, fill-in ‘dead spots’ in conversation, etc...).

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