Download and read through the Production Profile for Participants before your audition, checking over the dates – both rehearsals and especially the performances.  There will be a more detailed schedule of rehearsals for specific scenes, however, the general dates are covered in the Production Profile.  If you can print off a copy of the commitment page, sign it and bring to your audition time that would be great!  If you cannot print it off, we will provide a copy at your audition, or there will be copies at the Info Desk, starting Sunday, August 25.  When you come, sit down in one of the chairs in the hallway near the audition room (Choir Library) and wait until you are called. 

The second download is the monologues.  Whether you are going for a speaking or non-speaking role, you will still need an audition time.  These monologues are used for the audition to give an idea how creative you can be for a role in this upcoming outreach production.  If you cannot print one off, copies will be left at the Info Desk, starting Sunday, August 25th.

(Please Note: participants in Parkwood Productions need to attend Parkwood Gospel Church)