In this broken world, filled with people both fearful and disillusioned, many people have their own private pain. In these times, we can give up on God because He just seems beyond our belief. It can shake our faith as Christians or be a tripping hazard towards any steps in accepting Jesus into our hearts. Whether Christian or un-found, in these times of inadequacy, God wants us to find our adequacy in Him (2 Cor. 3:4-5). He wants us to have a faith in these last days that is steadfast and immovable. He wants us to have a belief that goes beyond belief; a faith that has belief and expectancy. Shepherds and Kings brings dramatic characters in a diner during the Christmas season learn beyond their pain, that they can believe in a God that is beyond belief. The setting is a few days before Christmas 2019, both outside and inside an Italian restaurant named “Mattiello’s”.


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