Our society yearns for narratives, metaphors, images…story. You can be part of telling “The Greatest Story.” Participate in Parkwood’s live theatre productions and select Sunday service presentations. Acting, kitchen help, make-up, promo, lighting, clerical, stagehands, set construction, costuming, props and prayer support are just some of the areas you can plug into.

Come experience what it’s like to impact another life, including your own!

Parkwood’s Upcoming 80th Production, “Shepherds and Kings”

It’s a night for looking beyond belief for hope. Join the patrons and employees at Mattiellos for an evening you’ll remember through the Christmas Holidays.


Come back here Sunday, August 25 to sign up for you Audition time slot.


Past Productions

Parkwood Gospel Church's 79th production, "Welcome to Bethlehem;" the story of proprietors of a hotel called the Bethlehem Inn and their guests as they head into the Christmas season.


Stay tuned for Parkwood’s next Christmas Production on December 13, 14 and 15th.