Serve at Alpha Today!


These folks provide oversight to our various Alpha Crew Teams, and would generally have previous experience with Alpha, as well as the specific crew team role.

Kids Crew

If you have a heart for children and enjoy 'kid' food, crafts, games...and the occasional mess, then this is for you! Our Kids team provide an interactive and creative Alpha experience, in a kid-friendly environment.


Table Host

A key role in the heart behind Alpha is the conversation and relationships that happen at the tables. Our hosts provide a welcoming and engaging atmosphere with the guests, and help facilitate discussion based on the videos and questions from the guests. You don't have to be a 'talker', but listening and guiding conversation is a key element!

Table Helper

Our table helpers assist the hosts in building rapport with the guests, and offer insight to the discussions here-and-there as needed. It's a supporting role, but and important one!

Task Force

Although these are behind the scenes roles, they are crucial for making Alpha happen! Our crew team members serve in the kitchen with food prep and dishes, room/table set up, and decor.


Wait Staff

A great way to serve on the forefront @ Alpha! Our wait staff serve meals with a smile to our guests, and have the opportunity to build connections with their table throughout the 9 weeks. All you need is a servant's heart & steady feet!