This is our special corner devoted to you…Parents and Families!

We fully believe that one of the most important journeys in life, is one of building and equipping spiritually strong, healthy families. Parenting teenagers in today’s world is not an easy task, however it is a joy! Our desire is to help parents anyway we can in raising godly, healthy and active families, and to better understand the ever-changing world of teens.

We’ve included some popular and useful links to parenting sites and resources. We’ll also update content periodically, so enjoy as we learn and journey together!

The Source for Parents The Source FYM R U Listening? Doug Fields

Doing Family Right Urban Dictionary Homeword Clubhouse

Here’s some quality resources you can use from trusted family experts like Doug Fields, Jim Burns (Homeword), Dr. David & Donalyn Currie (Doing Family Right), Fuller Youth Institute, and other friends.

Anxiety in the In-Between Stages of Our Lives
Avoid Raising Self-Obsessed Kids (fast-forward to 10:15 of the podcast)
XXX Church 4 Parents Only audio podcast
Dr. Dave & Friends
How to Talk to your Teen About Sex (audio)
The Digital Kids Initiative: Teens & Texting
RU Listening?
Digital Divide Survey: Assumption vs. Reality for Parents
Video excerpt from Sticky Faith’s parent curriculum
Author Kara Powell on her new book Sticky Faith (video)
10 Actions Kids Can Learn from Your Marriage (Doug Fields)
God’s Design for the Highly Healthy family- pt. 1 (audio)
God’s Design for the Highly Healthy Family- pt. 2 (audio)
Defeating Disrespectful Behavior in Kids- pt. 1 (audio)
Defeating Disrespectful Behavior in Kids- pt. 2 (audio)
Five Reasons Kids Want You To Set Boundaries For Them


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