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The choir rehearses upcoming music for Sundays, live theatre and special events.
Choir is a family, a team, which takes commitment.

House Band

The House Band provides an invaluable foundation for worship and proclamation. They play in selected services and other special events, as well as acting as the pit orchestra for live theatre.


Parkwood worship is a team of people of all ages dedicated to using their musical talents to exalt and glorify Jesus and to lead His people in worship.


Our society yearns for narratives, metaphors, images…story. Drama allows us to tell stories that point us towards what is true, noble, lovely and admirable.


The arts are used at Parkwood as a means of discipling the eyes and the soul, through painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and other forms.


An expression of faith, truth and story through movement.  Various age levels, various opportunities.

Frontline Children’s Choir

This is a dynamic program using music, the arts and media to make a difference in lives.

Technical Ministries

Sound, lighting and visual media are all crucial areas used in a variety of venues, whether it be a worship service, wedding, funeral, live theatre or special effects.

Nursing Home Ministry

This ministry involves a church service of worship and praise, sharing a Bible message, praying with and encouraging individuals.

Connect Café

Parkwood’s Connect Café is a gathering place for fellowship and connecting.

Congregational Services

Parkwood’s Congregational Services Team is passionate about serving the body of Christ whenever and wherever needed.

Kitchen Team

Our kitchen team is one of the busiest groups of volunteers at Parkwood, cooking, preparing and serving food for the church’s many events.

Missions Trips

Short term missions trips are an amazing opportunity to serve and grow.

Parkwood Food Bank

Each month the food bank serves over one hundred children and adults.

School Breakfast Program

Studies have clearly demonstrated that children learn better when they receive nutritious food to fuel growth and development.